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Powered Intelligence.

Shaping a data driven energy future, leveraged on technical excellence.



Our History

Smart at Energy was founded in 2018 as a spin-off of Elindus NV, a fast-growing belgian B2B power and gas supplier. 

In a move to separate sourcing, trading and dispatching activities from supplier ventures, SAE started to focus on expanding new businesses that assist energy companies throughout the entire value chain of energy forecasting, sourcing and trading.

Our mathematical and data-driven approach enables new market participants such as flexibility providers to be an early mover in the ongoing energy transition.

What We Do

We specialise in energy forecasting (short-term, medium and long term) based on different machine learning interpretations. We assist in the development and operation of (high frequency) trading algo's that are used as a pure play or for asset optimization.

Building on an array of counterparties, we have access to all European power and gas markets. Our presence on short-term markets also provides significant liquidity on balancing markets.

For forward trading, we have partnerships with well established European commodity houses and producers, through which we can offer flexible hedging solutions.

Our dispatching centers moreover allow for a 24/7/365 optimisation of the energy flows in our managed portfolios, allowing to instantaneously act on any imbalances in physical energy markets.

About Us


Data collection & processing

Data collection & processing

Our datacenters store a library of very high resolution and (quasi) realtime datafeeds from various sources related to the energy business (satellite imagery, renewables infeed, load data, etc).

The data is pre-processed through ETL integrations that focus on combining logical layers of data for most efficient use, reducing load and forecasting times. 



Assisted by state of the art machine learning applications, invested in through academic R&D, we interpret our datafeeds to predict (renewable) energy systems and load forecasting on different timescales. The quality of our data enables us to predict the evolution of weather systems on a commercially unmatched level of accuracy.

What We Offer
Algorithm development

Algorithm development

Our forecasting models are being deployed in an automated algorithm environment, either in a pure play trading context, or run on physical production or flexibility assets within the framework of demand side response/management, integrated in a set of physical rules and constraints. 




Smart at Energy has access to all European power and gas exchanges allowing for day-ahead sourcing and intraday rebalancing operations.

We also act as an aggregator, connecting pooled volumes from resellers or flexibility providers to the market. Aside of a strong focus on short-term operations, SAE also engages in forward trading and hedging deals on behalf of its clients. 



In its role as balance responsible party, Smart at Energy operates a redundant 24/7/365 trading desk to monitor energy flows through internal and external perimeters.

Through proprietary algorithms, SAE also trades significant volumes of balancing energy across all European borders in order to help national grid operators in keeping the grid in balance.


Data Services

Smart at Energy can offer an array of (quasi) realtime data from various sources (satellite imagery, wind & solar farms, residential and non residential load, infeed data, etc) that is already pre-processed, cleaned and ready to be used in your models, both for forecasting and/or backtesting purposes. 

These datafeeds are provided through redundant and straightforward API connections. 

Forecasting as a Services (FaaS)

As a result of academic partnering and constant innovation, our models score amongst the best in class when it comes to load/renewable forecasting and predicting short-term deviations in energy systems.

Connected to our automated trading robots, this allows our managed portfolios to be able to rebalance faster and at more favorable market conditions than competitors, thus optimising profits and reducing costs.

Market Access

As an aggregator through its existing connections, Smart at Energy can offer a gateway to the liquidity of all European power and gas markets at a fraction of individual license prices.

Our developers build solutions tailormade to the customer's business case, including both API connections that feature straight through processing and/or UI's with extended backoffice tooling.


We can also offer forward hedging solutions, bundling the liquidity of our counterparties and producers with flexible margining requirements. 

Along comes Elion

With Elion we bring the energy transition in your home or company! Elion is the perfect example how sustainability can be profitable for your business.

By combining artificial intelligence with new technologies and our unique market accesses, we create an ecosystem of smart devices who thrive on price driven consumption. That’s the future!

Why Us



At Smart at Energy, we analyse complex data to manage risk and maximise profitability in the fluctuating energy markets. 

We also help managing risk on behalf of our internal and external clients, providing them with the technology to invest in new projects in demand side response/management.
Our story is only getting more exciting as the energy transition gains traction and increasingly builds on advanced technology. 

Do you share the same passion for fast moving markets, have a mathematical approach and like to take ownership to solve complex problems that has an impact for society as a whole?

Then don't hesitate to apply for one of our job openings below, or send us your spontaneous application on and tell us what's your edge to our story.


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